Reflective Jounal (Ptlls Week Three)

Topics: Computer, Hard disk drive, Body mass index Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: April 8, 2011
Reflective journal (week three)

Week three was the day of ‘micro-teach’. I don’t know about any one else, but I was getting a bit nervous, because I had never done any thing like that before, or I had than I don’t remember. As again, I arrive on time, a little bit earlier, so got enough time to re-prepare my self for the exam. The instructor was there already, than afterwards all the other participants arrive at there own times, but two were missing Sajida Nisa and Ambreen.

Every body seems to be little bit anxious and worried, but this was the day of test. We all have been assigned serial numbers to our lectures. I had to come at number three. Then came the first knight Mr, Johnson, he looks like an old, experienced and knowledgeable person, and he has proved to be, his topic was ‘Weight loss, nutrition supplements and Good Health’ . Like every one he has been allowed only 30 minutes to finish our micro-teach lesson. Its seems like a short period of time, but that is what micro-teaching is all about. Mr. Johnson started with the major problem faced by the Britons, obesity, during the interactive lecture, he press on a balanced diet plan, as it is good for the health and vigour. It was quite and interesting lecture about the food and different supplements, which he bring along with him. His way of reaching, command on the topic, his gesture and posture were really impressive. There were some activities also; like how to calculate the (BMI) body mass index, now we know the formula how to calculate it. We all were engaged in them. During the we did took some of the fruits to eat, (he offered them first). Over all he did really very well managed his time and even the instructor was very happy about him.

Secondly came Florence, her topic was ‘some barriers of communication’. She was well dressed, looked smart and started off with the good introduction of the topic, she began well but with time going pass, her pace started to come lower, although she...
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