Reflective Essay on Supervisor

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  • Published : April 14, 2011
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Leo A. Jiwanmall
15 April 2011

“Some characteristics of a successful supervisor”

All employees in different work situations experience dissimilar behavior of their boss, but they believe that some same qualities are visible on them. In my view and especially, considering the nature of field I belong to (which is providing health care to sick patients), a lead tech (supervisor) who is in charge over his employees for achieving the main goals of his/her company should have a number of characteristics such as good-mannerism, impartiality, consideration, effective communication skills and highly ethical behavior. In this reflective essay, I will try to word my understanding of a successful supervisor and how this course (Introduction to Applied Supervision) has made me aware of the necessary skills to be one in the future. By taking Introduction to Applied Supervision this semester, I have come to appreciate the great qualities my current lead technologist (Caballero, Marc) has.

Before, getting into my thoughts and analysis of this crucial subject, I would proudly like to mention that I and Marc (my current supervisor) are part of a wonderful Mercy health system. Mercy health has many facilities and hospitals nationwide, which are considered a leading provider of compassionate care and community access to quality health care services that improve the health of individuals and community. As a member of Catholic health east, the mission of Mercy health Systems is to be a partner in the healing ministry of the catholic Church in the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy and Hope Ministries.

I would also like to briefly touch on the natures of job I and Marc perform and our responsibilities in radiology department. By profession, I’m a MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Technologist, who works under direct supervision of an attending physician (Radiologist) and lead technologist (Marc Caballero). My main job requirement is to provide the Radiologists...
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