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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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With the help of the Gibbs model for reflection I have written the below reflective essay.

I have chosen this model for reflection cause: Firstly it is simple to understand and secondly it follows a very systematic and easy approach. As I began with the module I was quite happy that it has been included in the course, as it would help me overcome academic writing skills difficulties. Although, initially I did feel that the module would only aim at giving academic support, but eventually I realized that like its name suggests it also helped develop my personalities as well. In this module, we were given to make a poster and a formal report. In this way I felt the module evaluates an individual in different ways and on different aspects. By making a poster the creativity of an individual can be evaluated. Poster presentations are becoming common at workplaces and the first assignment helped us have an experience on how to make on. The second assignment was a critical report based on the same article we used for the poster. This assignment helped us improve our critical skills and present it in a formal report structure. Since we had to critique only one report it was quite difficult as there were nothing to compare it to. We only had theories as a base to help us write the critique. Whilst doing research for the report, I came across a learning styles model by Honey and Mumford. The model is given as below. Peter Honey and Alan Mumford (1992) connected each stage in this learning cycle with a preferred learning style:

Stage 1 Having an experience - Activist
Stage 2 Reflecting on the experience -Reflector
Stage 3
Concluding from the experience -Theorist
Stage 4
Acting differently as a result/planning the next steps- Pragmatist As I read about what each part meant I could completely relate myself to the Activist part of the model. I am generally very enthusiastic about things and like to be in power whenever in a group discussion. It gives me a sense...
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