Reflective Essay Management

Topics: Motivation, Presentation of Mary, Victor Vroom Pages: 4 (1486 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Reflective Essay
For this assignment the initial actions that I took in order to move towards the goal were to offer my thoughts and ideas on what company should be chosen and where would be best to research and investigate to create a positive outcome.

“The ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the organisations of which they are members” ( House et al 2004)

Belbin (1993) identified that team members have preferred roles when working in a team setting At this stage according to Belbins team role theory I believe I took the role of a shaper, as part of my leadership style I chose to be participative as I felt the input and ideas of other would be beneficial to the group as a whole and to gain a positive outcome for the assignment, it was also useful as I did not have all the information myself the other group members could help with the other parts. Lewin (1939) suggests that is the most effective style of leadership this is a view I would also agree with myself as each team member gave a valuable insight into the task where as with an autocratic style of leadership the other group members points may not have been heard and may have been essential to the task. I believed it was key to keep the team moving throughout the task so that we did not begin to stagnate and not achieve the true potential and deliver work we were capable of as a group as the task continued further I believe my role then changed to an Implementer because there was a lack of discipline in regards to the task as a whole and I also felt work was not getting done at a pace to complete the assignment on time so I took it upon myself to make sure this was done and the closer the time came to the presentation and putting in to place workable strategy in regards to the actual presentation. Overall I was more than happy with my team, we shared the workload fairly and consulted each other in all decisions...
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