Reflective Essay: Lightning Scheme of W Hotel

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  • Published: July 18, 2013
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Reflective Essay 1: Assessment of the lightning scheme of the W Lounge & Bar of the W Hotel in London

In this reflective essay I assess the lightning scheme of the W Lounge & Bar of the W Hotel in London. The location got the design award for very good lightning in 2012 and in my opinion you can see and feel the high quality of the lightning scheme. As it can be seen at the two photographs the W Lounge & Bar has two zones – the lounge zone and the bar zone. The first photo shows the lounge zone by day and on the second picture the bar is shown by night-light.

Lightning scheme of the Lounge of the W Hotel in London

Starting with the lounge zone by day it can be seen on the photo that through the ceiling to floor high windows most of the general light is coming in. This natural general light is even supported by the mirror all along the wall at the opposite of the window front. So the day-light is reflected in that mirror and from the mirror also on the smooth dark grey marble floor. This general light is in addition supported with recessed downlights close to the window front and the mirror wall. At night they get a more important reason. They “wash” the walls and windows at the night.

The hang in ceiling / double ceiling has lights integrated in the interspace that spend an indirect light. This lights put an accent on the nicely shaped cut-out of the double ceiling. For sure this accent light gives also a general light.

The lounge has a second natural light source. The ingle surrounded by glass in the middle of the room spends a beautiful, warm colour decorative light. When you arrive earlier as your friend you can sit in the lounge and have a look at the fireplace. This relaxes most of the people and gives them a cosy feeling. That’s why it is so important that the fireplace is in the middle of the room. So it is a focus point from every point you sit in the room.

For me the W Lounge of the W Hotel in London has a very good lightning scheme because the golden colour of the accent light along the curved cavity in the ceiling together with the decorative light gives this lounge a cosy warm atmosphere. This although the lounge has a lot of quite cool materials with very smooth surfaces like marble, mirror, glass, steel and leather. The light in the ceiling underlines the shapes in the ceiling and converts it in a decorative element. It is also a good lightning scheme because it doesn’t glare, goes well together with the contemporary luxurious style of the furniture and the colour scheme of the furniture, floor and ceiling. The lightning scheme gives the lounge a relaxed atmosphere, which is one of the most important functions of a lounge.

Lightning scheme of the Bar of the W Hotel in London

After I assessed the lounge zone we will know have a look at the bar. There is a lot of accent light that brings the round shape of the counter in focus. In addition to the golden accent light right under the counter surface of the outside of the counter, there are more in the inside on the height of the glasses and there are accent lights in the double ceiling and the shaped ceiling decoration elements above the counter. All there of those accent lights bring in focus the shape of the counter and for sure give also some warm general light. The ones in the inside can serve as well as task lights so the bar keeper can see which glass he takes and what he puts in the glass.

There are some decorative lights that put also a bit of an accent on the very nicely shaped steel champagne ice bucket in the middle of the bar. For this time it is a natural light source – a candle that gives this great light glow that reflects in the ice bucket. There are some more of warm light spending candles at the end of the counter.

Some of the dimmed general light comes from the recessed downlights in the ceiling.

I think that the W Bar of the W Hotel in London has a very good lightning scheme because the golden colour of...
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