Reflective Essay

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  • Published : May 11, 2011
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Hannah McDaniel
Emily Morgan
Eng. 30
7 May, 2011
Reflective Essay
Out of all of the English classes I have taken over my years of learning, this one has taught me the most; especially on grammar and how to properly make a thesis sentence. The other classes I took, i.e. in high school where helpful in expanding my vocabulary, but never catered to the areas in which I really needed help. My senior year in high school was probably my worst experience with an English course. The teacher was an angry single woman, who border lined being an extreme feminist who hated boys and men named Jeremy. In all honesty I was utterly terrified of her and not because she was the girls volleyball coach. She made it seem like only certain things could go in certain places when in reality you could insert a multitude of grammatical pieces, but if they weren’t the ones she wanted they were automatically wrong. I’m not schmoozing in the least bit, you obviously know I’m a blunt individual, sometimes too much for my own good, but you actually helped me in the areas that I need help in. The three pieces I chose for my paragraph and essays section were Nauseating Reality, Boy Love, and Rebel Girl. I feel that these pieces showcase my ability to properly write a narrowed topic and detailed essay. Nauseating Reality was the easiest paper for me to write since I have such strong feelings toward the topic I chose; young teens getting pregnant to have a nugget of tiny reality television fame. My second essay I chose Boy Love exhibits my love on ancient Greek and Roman history. I specifically enjoyed this one because it catered to my homosexuality. This paper also showcases that I still have an issue with quoting someone as it is for me very difficult to quote someone who has someone write it down for them and properly credit both in a non confusing fashion. Even after re-submitting it after correcting it, I still got it wrong, it’s obvious, to me anyways, that I have some sprucing up to...
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