Reflective Essay

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  • Published : May 6, 2011
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Reflective Essay
In developing my reflective essay I have used two entries from my journal and also the effect the course becoming a teacher has had on me personally. The theme chosen after closely analyzing the course on a whole is ‘Learning and experience.’ Majority can relate to the slang; “we learn from our experience.” What is learning? Learning can be defined as the process whereby behaviour is changed as a result of experience, (Matalon 2000). Learning occurs when experience cause a relatively permanent change in an individual’s behaviour or knowledge. The change maybe deliberate or unintentional, for better or for worse. The result of learning must be changed into observable behaviour. After learning takes place students are capable of doing something they were not able to do before learning took place. Learning helps person to be more comfortable when it comes to certain things. Learning refer to internal, not directly observable, mental processes by which human beings acquire, remember use information their internal and external environment, because learning cannot be directly observed, it must be inferred through measurement or performance. Upon entering my becoming a teacher class for the first time I was very interested because the lecturer herself seemed rather interesting. She made us introduce ourselves in a manner that would catch anybody’s attention and that is something I thought I would portray when I enter into the working world and become a teacher; to display energy and always try not to bore my students. The course seeks to motivate and stimulate not only me but also my batch mates, after listening to very informative presentations. I personally have learned how to reflect more on myself after doing thorough research to present on a very interesting and important topic: Self- Concept. I have learned a lot as it relates to this topic it has helped to up build my self esteem which in return will help me to excel in whatever I do. After...
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