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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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The heart of the word Terrorism is Terror. In our society when many hear terrorism, fear takes a grip on our emotions. Since the days of overseas bombings, racial unrest and many other ugly acts upon the United States, this fear has been justified. Studying Domestic Terrorism has been one of my goals since September 11, 2001. Taking this course will give me a deeper understanding of the mindset of terrorists to enhance training for dangerous deployments. As a United States solider, I have come to appreciate the many freedoms that we celebrate in this country. I entered the military just shy of my eightieth birthday. The desire to serve and protect stemmed from having five younger brothers, who seemingly needed one thing or another. Their needs ranged from fights on the playground to comforting colds and bruises. When the bombing occurred in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, my family and I were in Maryland preparing to leave for Germany. The world stopped on its axial. Neither plane movement nor some of the freedoms that we had taken for granted could be exercised. We were relegated to the military installation. The fear that I saw in my children’s eyes was unimaginable. It was during those days of stillness that I vowed to learn more of how and why this sadistic act occurred. I do not know the complete mindset of a terrorist, and the reasoning on why some feel the need to take such destructive actions against others. I hope to learn more about them-terrorists, to enhance my military training especially during deployment.
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