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Whilst on clinical placement, a male resident with dementia and I were sitting in his room within the nursing home for which he resided for the past two years. The resident was becoming anxious about his family, stating that they lived far away and he missed them. He showed me a card from one of his daughters she had sent for his birthday. As I was reading what she had written I became overwhelmed with empathetic emotion and wanted to cry due to her emotive words. Target

To maintain a professional relationship within the health care setting, whilst still comforting the resident and portraying empathy in context with his concerns. Activities
When the resident had shown me the card and I became overwhelmed by my own emotions, I excused myself and left the room. As I went to the bathroom to settle myself down I tried to think of the patient at this time and what I could do to help them professionally. In accordance with professional boundaries I went to the facilitator and explained the situation. She organised for the onsite social worker to see him, instead of myself. Results

This allowed the resident a chance to overcome his concerns by talking to someone with the qualification to help efficiently and ability to maintain professionalism effectively. This outcome also permitted myself to maintain a boundary of professionalism and be aware of my own weaknesses and expand my own personal knowing to be able to deal with similar situations in the future in a better way.

Whilst on clinical placement, we were required to complete a Clinical Assessment Profile or CAP. During filling out a student objective sheet I became confused on whether the student objectives were supposed to be from a personal level of goals or had to be in accordance with the ANMC National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse. As our facilitator was always available at the facility, I went to ask her if she knew what was expected of us and if so what were the specific requirements. Target

To use effective questioning skills to communicate my concerns to the facilitator about the assignment that was to be completed during clinical placement. Also to ensure the objectives I then chose were to the standards of a nursing student’s competencies. Activities

While speaking to the facilitator about my concerns I asked many open questions that allowed her to wholly answer my questions, for example, “What do we have to include as part of the objectives in this section?” Then when more specific answers were needed I asked a closed question that involved the answer being “yes” or “no”. I also used appropriate non verbal communication like eye contact, facial expressions and gestures when needed to portray my engagement. Results

As a result I achieved my target by having initiated and maintained an effective communication system of questioning and non verbal communication techniques with the facilitator. It also consequentially achieved my objectives that were at fault of my need for questioning and I completed my CAP booklet accurately.

During my placement a resident was having treatment on an ulcer wound to her lower left leg. The doctor prescribed a solution of neat vinegar to be sprayed each morning. This treatment was administered for 2 days, though by the third day the resident was complaining of severe pain during administration. The doctor was then asked to re-assess her and so changed the treatment to a solution of vinegar and water diluted to the ratio of 1:10. The nurse was not informed of this change. Target

To confer with the nursing staff, being part of the health care team, the change in treatment and allow the patient to continue with the correct management of wound care. Activities
As I was able to observe the wound management on a day to day basis, I noticed the current nurse who was administering the solution to the wound on the third day was not following the recent changes in the...
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