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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Reflective Essay on Software project which specializes in the deployment of integrated software platform

This Essay is about a Software project which specializes in the deployment of integrated software platforms. The Project’s main theme is to select and deploy an E-Learning system to experience a new way of learning and enhancing the student’s skills.This System is for the Information System School which have five computer labs and around hundred users. As a Project team member the client asked with the preparation of the proposal, clearly showing the selection factors and criteria for the chosen software solution.

The Criteria is that we are to assume that none of the existing IT infrastructure at any of the industries mentioned above will be retained. We will be given four months to develop and deploy the system. We must propose at least three different configurations prior to implementation and the client’s staff will require training on the new system.

For Firstly we select the three e-learning softwares which called Moodle, Atutor and Edugether. We decide on a set of appropriate business related factors and criteria to choose which software /hardware to purchase, explaining in detail the reasons for using these factors and their criteria.

The Criteria of this project are Usage Features, Management, Styling. In the Criteria of Usage features we have factors which is Usefulness and easy to use. That means We have to create the website clear and user friendly and we have to put important links and button and user guide where the users can find it easily.

In the criteria of Management we have factors which are Marketing and Management support. That means we can advertise our website in social network sites such as facebook, Twitter which is normally used by the students. The management should also give support in cost and marketing section.

In Styling Criteria we have four factors which are Methodology, Appropriate use of image, Purposeful...
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