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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Every little thing counts in a crisis.
- Jawaharlal Nehru

A Crisis can be defined as a situation that is unstable and if it is not dealed in a systematic manner and on time may lead to severe consequences. It is also a turning point in the course of something. Every crisis is unique and a change itself. At the time of crisis, it is needed that the team decides what has to be done , either to terminate it or set short term and long term plans. Crisis Meeting is a meeting which comprises of important members of the organization or company. It is held to identify the major cause of the crisis and to brainstorm solutions that could prevent the organization or company from further crisis. In a crisis meeting, each member should coordinate and put their ideas together and work out the solution for the problem as a team. Team work is effective only when their is proper synchronization and the team works towards a common goal. Our hotel The Hyatt, had a business conclave on 8th march, 2011, in which some faults happened and the food served in the conclave lead to food poisoning to 50 people and the image of our hotel was on stake .An urgent meeting was called up to look over the problem and the crisis were forwarded to us. As a team, we were comprising of The CEO, HR Manager, MArketing Head, Finance head , Environmental Head and The Manager of the Hotel. As a team we performed well without any conflicts and arguments , but the individual contribution of the team wasn't satisfactory. i think we could have worked better and we could have given more ideas and communicated well with each other as each of us have the potential. My personal perception about the individual contribution was like The CEO of the company performed extremely well by coordinating the team and managing us together without any conflicts. According to me, the HR Manager performed the best amongst all of us as she generated a large number of...