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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Being a leader to many different subordinates from all different walks of life has been one of the most challenging aspects that I have ever had to endure. Some qualities that I feel my subordinates see in me would be that I have the ability to follow a vision through to the end as well as being a good listener, motivator, and communicator. As a leader I try to exhibit the Air Force Core Values in order to instill them into their daily lives as well as always showing that I have an approachable nature. As with all corporations or Air Force specialties there is always leaders but there also needs to be great followers. As a follower to my supervisor I do feel that she would say that I have good followership skills. Some skills that I posses to be considered a good follower would be good listening skills and focus in order to get any task done to meet all required deadlines that we may have. I once heard that followship is like the foundation of a building, you don’t see it. Leaders come and go but followers tend to stay. With all the changes that occur with my job I am always striving not to complain and to be supportive to any unpopular decisions or policies.

The leadership style that I typically use in our workcenter appears to be effective. I am always trying to give great importance to teamwork and team building. These two things are very important, as we are broke apart in many different groups within one office in order to accomplish the mission that is required for all the aircraft. In order for us to track and manage everything that happens with all the aircraft stationed here we all have to be communicating constantly as well as working side by side and lending a helping hand whenever it is needed.

As an NCO I would have to describe myself as a caring individual to everyone within my workcenter but also as an NCO that sticks to the standards that any Air Force member should constantly be striving for....
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