Reflective Essay

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Reflective essay
Research is work carried out to increase knowledge. It is done so we have a better understanding of how things work, behave etc. it can be used to confirm facts, theories, solve problems and expansion on past work. A question is posed, research is done to find the answer and an answer is given. The purpose of research is to learn something new. There are three types of research pure, original and secondary. Pure research is done by examining something. It is used to find out something in general. A person can come to a conclusion based on what they find. Original research is looking for information that has not been found before. This requires background information on the topic and a method to find out what you want. For this, you need to do secondary research. Secondary research is finding out what is known and coming to your own conclusion. It looks at the different viewpoints of a topic. It gives an understanding of what the information mean. There are four different types of research, exploratory, constructive, descriptive and empirical. Exploratory research helps define and identify a problem. Constructive research test possible solutions to a problem. Descriptive research is about giving information about a social issue. There is no hypothesis but one can emerge after gathering information. Empirical research tests if the solution is likely to happen. This happens when the researcher tries to find out about something. It provides information needed for explanatory and or descriptive research. There are several types of research. They are scientific, humanities, artistic etc. Scientific research gives information and theories explaining nature and properties in the world. Humanities research involves exploring the issues to answer a question. The context of the issue is important. This can mean social, historical political, cultural or ethnic. There are two major types of research, qualitative and quantitative. Researchers choose the...
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