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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Olubukumola Omi -198134
Coms.5050-11 Training Foundations
Final Assignment: Reflection on what I learnt

In reflecting on this workshop I want to use a theme and also look at the effect the class has had on me, in my quest of being a more effective trainer.
After closely analyzing the workshop in its entirety, I chose the common saying that “learning is an experience, and we learn from our experience.”
Matalon defined learning as “the process whereby behavior is changed as a result of experience.” (Matalan,2000). This learning experience has caused a relatively permanent change in my thoughts, perception and knowledge. It has provided the ability to do things that I was unable to do before.

When registering for “training Foundations”, I thought I knew exactly what I was headed for- boy was I ever wrong. The instructor’s openness, flexibility, knowledge and ability to apply different techniques to her teaching stood out the most for me. Not only was the instructor lively and interesting, her openness made the environment more relaxing, and the group more willing to engage.

We engaged in an activity where we introduced ourselves in a manner that would catch anyone’s attention. This activity motivated the class members to think positive about themselves, stimulated thinking, and encouraged interaction. It exemplified how learning could be enjoyable and interactive, at the same time effective and interesting. It showed me many ways to learn that are both fun and educational. I know that my ability to express my ideas, thoughts and knowledge has improved after attending this workshop. I have always struggled with being an effective communicator but I was taught how to simplify instructions during training, and to give directions to participants in ways that they understand. One interesting thing we discussed was that “Different meetings, Different Recipes”. I believe this was illustrated during our presentations. I found these presentations informative...
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