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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Concursul de limba engleză – faza zonală februarie 2013 Clasa a XII-a Varianta A

Use of English

I. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following text. Use only one word in each space. (15 points)

In a major breakthrough in diving, scientists have developed an artificial gill capable 1... obtaining oxygen 2...sea water. The question of 3.... fish breathe puzzled man for centuries. Now, fortunately, a team of chemists, physicists and mathematicians at Tokyo University have built two forms of artificial gill, which imitate the breathing method used 4..... fish. They are also developing a lightweight version 5.... could be worn on the back. They expect that the first model will be 6....for human trials within three years and could be7 ........ sale in the shops within five to ten years. Fish transfer oxygen directly to the blood, and the artificial gill will be 8.......... to transfer oxygen through a mouthpiece into human lungs. This process of taking oxygen 9......... of water occurs through the ultra-thin surface of hundreds of fine, hollow threads. As water streams over them, the dissolved oxygen in10 ....... passes through to become a breathable gas. At the moment, the human gill has a 10-litre volume, 11........ has to be halved to produce a machine small be commercially successful. In this, the team is optimistic, believing it will have huge value both for commercial and leisure purposes 14........ it will let people dive, in shallow water, for as they like.

II. Read the text below and use the word given in the brackets to form words that fit in the gaps. (10 points)

There has been much debate in recent times about when young people should take up a second language. This has been especially fuelled in recent times by the increasing 1...................(important) placed on the English language. It is now commonplace to see parents providing a substantial amount of...
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