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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Studying the Rhetorical Analysis Oral Presentation with my group for my WRIT 111 course last week was much more challenging than I thought it would be. I personally found it difficult due to not being a native English speaker and the audience,full of native English speakers except me. During the past week,I and my group attempted to create the best presentation as much as we could.There is not the shadow of a doubt that any of the group members did not strive in order to present the best within the bounds of possibility.However,it would be misleading to imply that the study we have done as a group was excellent.Not only the positive points but also negative points occur in a study as always happens.Both points will be mentioned in following sentences.Firstly,the communication between group members was limited owing to not having personal opportunities to come together in area of campus.Many of the group members,including myself,had plans for the weekend and this generated a problem about how to decide on to split the presentation into group.The only way to communicate was messaging via cell phones.Internet could be considered as an option to communicate but not all of the group members were able to possess that.I think both internet and messaging were not enough to create a healthy decision-making mechanism since decisions taken around the table contain all the ideas without deprivation of debates.Secondly,teamwork can be regarded as a positive aspect when my group was studying around the table.All the group members declared their opinions without disrespecting or insulting and the debates were open to new and different ideas so far as I observed.While dividing the topics into my group that each of the group members presented,we were able to decide on the topics in a few minutes since members of my group had thought over what topic they should have done. In conclusion,I was glad to be the member of my group in general.The presentation...
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