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* Assignment #2 Library Time
Objective: this activity will allow you to explore current leadership research resources available online. A consideration of this research will help you to deepen your understanding of the role of the principal and develop a picture of your own leadership style and philosophy. * Expected Time to Complete the Task: 6 hours

* Due Date: First Posting – Dec 25
* Second Posting – Dec 27
1. Read through the seven articles listed below. If you choose you can also select one from your own professional list. Remember, if you select your own, please submitt that article as an attachment along with your response 2. Once you have read the articles, select any two articles from the list below to summarize 3. Once three candidates have already summarized an article, please choose a different article to summarize 4. Summarize the contents of the two (2) articles in a Word document, and include: a) comments on the summarized information and b) implications for your role as a current and/or future school based administrator (principal/vice-principal). Both can be done in point form 5. Copy and paste your summaries and comments in the discussion board for assignment #2. 6. Read over the selection of the summaries provided by your colleagues to ensure you have an overview of current research related to leadership in education. In a reflective paragraph based on your colleagues’ summaries and responses, what additional thoughts do you have? Post the paragraph as the second posting. This assignment will assist with in-class class discussions. 7. Resources:

1. Moral Purpose Writ Large, by Michael Fullan. 2. Leadership for the 21st Century: Breaking the Bonds of Dependency, by Michael Fullan. 3. The...
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