Reflective Analysis

Topics: Special education, Education, Disability Pages: 5 (1289 words) Published: December 12, 2012

Reflective Analysis

Angela Williams

Grand Canyon University

November 28, 2012

I conducted my visit at Trigg Elementary School. I visited Ms. Valerie Green’s self-

contained pre-kindergarten classroom. This class consisted of eight students with varying ranges

of disabilities. There are four girls and four boys in this class. I really enjoyed my visit in this

classroom. The students were all engaged in the lesson. They were all on different levels, but

accommodations were made to make sure they were understanding what was being taught.

These special education students were very enthusiastic about learning and immediately

welcomed me into their classroom. The accommodations that were made included large print

material for visually impaired students and synthesizers for the hearing impaired. I observed that

these students did not allow their disabilities to interfere with their education. They were

excellent students despite their disabilities.

If I taught this lesson again, I would probably do it differently. Since my lesson was

geared toward Angel, I would have loved to provide accommodations and modifications the

other students in the class. I would have provided the visually impaired students with very large

pictures of the animals. I would then have allowed them to orally describe the characteristics of

the animals. I would also have placed them in small groups. They would have presented a group

project on different kinds of animals. I would also have invited someone from Wildlife and

Fisheries to speak to the class about different kinds of animals and their habitats. I would have

endangered and extinct animals to the students. They students would have been permitted to ask

questions about how animals become endangered. They would also have been allowed to ask

which animals would be safe to have as pets?

Other accommodations/modifications the regular classroom teacher might make are to provide the visual and hearing impaired students with other materials such as computers with large screens, books written in Braille, and sign language. All of the accommodations and modifications will make learning easier and more enjoyable for these students. Books on tape will be acceptable for visually impaired students. Students with mobility problems can be provided with wheelchairs. Ramps can also be built for them to make it easier to get into and out of the building. They can be transported to and from school by a bus that is equipped with a wheelchair lift.

Special education teachers can provide students with sign language, an interpreter for Ell students, assistance from caregivers, and also materials that can strengthen the motor skills of these young students. They can be allowed to work puzzles, practice lacing and tying shoes with a toy shoe, and practice forming letters in a sandbox. For young students who are unable to form letters, they can be allowed to trace letters and also write them in the air. Teachers can also write the letters for them and allow them to hold the pencil so that they can see feel how to make the letters. Students can also be allowed to form letters and words by using items such as beans, cotton balls, and even small strips of paper. They can form their numbers using these objects also. Allowing students to participate in hands-on learning activities will increase their interest and keep them actively involved in the lesson. Special education can also purchase materials

and supplies that will benefit their students. For instance, peg boards, puppets, and large alphabets will greatly benefit these students. Many special education teachers are provided with funds so that they can order supplies and materials that are especially designed for their students. These materials and supplies make learning...
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