(Reflective Account of Presentation)

Topics: Knife, Table setting, Fork Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: January 12, 2009
(Reflective account of presentation)
Compasses, maps and GPS were all used in combination together so that we could direct and navigate ourselves to our destination. Obviously the compasses were used to let us know what direction we were facing and what bearing we were taking, the maps were used so we could position and realise ourselves in relation to our destination in terms of distance, where we were and how far until we reached our intended location.

What mostly determined what we were going to take in terms of cooking material was what we were going to eat. We had decided what we were going to eat before we set out to Bradnop so we knew what correct tools to bring with us. We were definitely going to need gas stoves to heat food because we were not going to eat already made cold food for the whole of the trip. We wanted to get the best out the experience so we had to learn such survival skills such as cooking without electricity. We brought a collection of disposal plastic cutlery; knives, fork and spoons to eat with and disposal cups to drink in. However not all cutlery was plastic we brought a carving knife to allow us to cut the food ,ore accurately and with less difficulty because obviously a plastic knife or table knife would not cut as sharp or be as beneficial.

In consideration to what we were doing we needed are equipment to be as light and as small as possible so we brought camping pots for these reasons they were compact, easier to carry and they took up less room in our bags.

Crucially we brought with us gas canisters for the gas stoves this therefore enabled us to cook food at our camping spot. In addition to the cooking equipment we brought with us waterproof matches this was essential as the weather was wet and windy, these matches allowed us to still light the stoves in this weather.

Another vital piece of equipment we brought with us was the First Aid Kit obviously for emergencies or injuries and a whistle because this...
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