Reflective Account

Topics: Brush, Paint, Color Pages: 2 (809 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Reflective account
Brief account of event/activity/experience. Firework pictures. I prepared and set up a table at the Ace club so the children could create a fire work picture. I put out black paper and asked the children once we were all seated at the table if they knew why we were going to use the black paper. Some of the children eagerly answered me explaining they had watched some fireworks when it was dark and so the paper was like night time. I also explained and showed the children that we had lots of lovely ,bright coloured paints to use as well as having some straws on the table and paintbrushes and a couple of pots of clean water. The children were all very keen to find out why we had straws .I explained that once we had all chosen the colour paints we wanted to use we were going to have a straw each and we would put some paint on our paper then use the straws to blow the paint across our paper to make different patterns and effects like real fireworks do when they go off up into the sky. The children were very happy to get started .The children helped me to choose the colours they wanted for their pictures and I poured them into the paint pallets. The children all had a paintbrush each which we used to place the paint onto their paper. I then took a straw and showed them that they needed to place it quite closely to the paper and paint in order to be able to blow the paint in whatever direction they wanted. The children set to work straight away putting lots of paint on their paper, blowing the paint across the paper some of them found this quite hard, so I did offer my help which they happily accepted. They enjoyed using all the different colours, making different shapes, patterns and splodging paint. They particularly enjoyed using the straws and the activity kept the children entertained and kept their concentration for 30 minutes. Evaluate event/ activity/experience

I felt the whole activity as an idea and practically went well the...
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