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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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1. For Reflective Account 3 you should use one of your child observations. 2. Describe how you did this observation.
a. Did you sit away from the child and observe from a distance (unobtrusive) so the child was not disturbed? b. Did you sit near to the child or even sit in on the activity? 3. Describe the type of observation you did- tick list, written, event sample. Where you using paperwork from the setting or did you design your own? 4. Explain why you chose the method you used- best for the activity, style used regularly in the setting, or easy to use for gathering maximum information. 5. Describe what you have to know before observing the child- age of child, any concerns, type of activity 6. Describe how the early years curriculum is part of how the setting plans their activities. For example identify all the areas of development eg: ‘knowledge and understanding of the world’ and give some examples of activities that come under each area. 7. Attach a development plan based on this observation that will promote development for this child. You will later do this activity with a child and will then evaluate (discuss how appropriate) how the activity worked. (See overleaf example activity plan)

8. Explain why it is important to offer inclusive practice and why no child should be excluded from activities ( excluding children leads them to be isolated, lonely and can mean they are withdrawn and shy, they may not develop at the right level and could develop behavioural problems) Explain why giving choices enables a child to feel they have some control and what the effect can be on their development. c. Give some examples of how YOU work to include children in activities and daily experiences 9. Explain how the room layout, the type of activity and the equipment and resources can affect a child’s learning. d. Is the room a pleasant place that enables the child to feel secure? e. Are the tables, chairs, book...
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