Reflective Account

Topics: Washing, Hygiene, Toilet Pages: 4 (1434 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Reflective Account

Moving & handling

One day I was ask to transfer Mrs X from bed into wheelchair. Mrs X is paralised so to transfer her a full body hoist is needed. I had to call for help, it wouldn’t be safe to do this by myself. So while I was waiting for the other carer to arrive I have explained to Mrs X what and how we are going to do it. I have also cheked the hoist and battery if its fully charged and operational. I put right size sling on Mrs X with her cooperation. I carefully manovered hoist close to bed, then I hooked sling onto the hoist with short hooks on to of the body and long hooks on bottom. That was when my collegue arrived to help me with transfer.We asked Mrs X if she is ready when she said yes by pushing button on hoist remote I raised Mrs X up, while my collegue was holding her to stop swinging. When she was up I reversed away from bed. When I was in positionfor lowering Mrs X I have opened legs of the hoist. When my collegue manouvered wheelchair into position I was supporting Mrs X on back and knees. When wheelchair was in position my collegue took over of supporting Mrs X and I asked both Mrs X and my collegue if they are ready to lower Mrs X into a wheelchair. After positive answer I have lowered Mrs X into a Wheelchair and after that me and my collegue unhooked sling from the hoist and I safely moved the hoist away. I thanked my collegue for help and I took Mrs X to the dining room.

Personal care

One morning I was asked to wash Mrs X in the morning. When I enter her room I ask about her night and explain that I am going to help her with washing and dressing. Next I prepare clothes for Mrs X I always ask her what she want wear, she is good communicate and she is very happy when she can choose clothes by herself. When the clothes are ready I put on a clean apron and gloves, then prepare water in bowl. I make sure the water temperature is suitable, ask Mrs X to check it. I get ready all other things (toiletries)...
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