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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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After hand-over I and my colleague was assigned for top floor. We decided to give personal care to Mr P. I knocked the door of Mr P’s room, with his permission we entered in the room. I said good morning and asked if he is ready to get up. He was very cheerful and agreed to get up.

I asked Mr P if he will like to access the toilet first. I made sure this was done in the privacy of the his room using his preferred method of communication which is spoken words.

Mr P said that he would like to use commode, so I assisted him with the support of my colleague to move him from her bed to the commode.

I washed my hands and I put on PPE (gloves aprons) and explained Mr P that it’s meant to prevent infection from spreading. I checked the care plan to ensure there are no changes or information I need to be aware of for example the risk assessment any communication needs or personal care needs. I also confirmed with my colleague if there is any information that I need to know before we carry out any activities at work. I checked the surrounding in the bed room for anything that can cause itself as a hazard like his walking frame and other furniture such as tables and chairs. I rearranged the environment along with my colleague to create enough space for the hoist and easy movement and checked that hoist is clean and working.

I informed Mr P about the process of moving him to the commode with use of the hoist. I assure him of his safety before and during the move. He gave us his consent to move him using hoist. I asked Mr P to sit up a little on his bed as my colleague and I put the sling behind his back to ensure that he is supported appropriately while in the hoist. Then I check that the hoist is working properly before hanging the sling on the hoist.

While he was in the hoist I tried to move him in a way that will not cause him pain. I checked continually that Mr P's hands are in the right place and his legs are not in the way of the hoist. I and my...
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