Reflective Account

Topics: Hygiene, Bank, English-language films Pages: 2 (919 words) Published: February 5, 2013

I started my shift at 7:15 am. My work clothes are comfortable and unrestrictive; my footwear is flat, sensible and offers protection to my feet and ankles. When I arrive to the service user’s home, I knock on the door and wait to be let in either by one of the service user’s or by a work colleague. Once inside I greet the service user, if they are awake. I then head to the sleep in room, to start verbal handover with my work colleague. After the 15 minute handover, I then check and sign the handover sheet. Check the on call rota, should there be an incident or or accident. Also check the communication book and also check any money and medication, then checking the activity planner. Once the service user wakes, we say hello to each other, and chat for a short period. I encourage them to start their personal care. After, I ask them if they need any support with getting dressed and preparing breakast. The time is now 8:00 so I administrer the morning medication. I always wash my hands before handling food or medication and after assisting with any personal care. After the service user has had their breakfast. I support them with the washing up. I will then encourage the service user to clean their property. I will then support the indiviual in safely cleaning, all ares with correct products. After this I consult with the service user, about their activity plan for the day, if the service user decided to go into town. I ask them how they would prefer to travel, by bus or by personal car. When going out, I will take the staff mobile, service user’s medication. Also check they have their phone any money needed and are dressed according to the activity or weather. If we are travelling in the personal car, I will check there is enough fuel and carry out safety checks before setting off. When in the car I will always ensure seltbelts are on. On the way to town, I will ask the service user where they would like to go first. If they choose to...
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