Presentation about App
And now it’s my turn to continue the presentation.
In fact, for whom the app can be the most useful? Students? Definitely yes! For finding your way to the party, easy to know the locations of your girlfriend or boyfriend, it’s cool, isn’t it! U just need pick up your phone and see, haha, you are there, it’s better than make a call and ask, hey, where are u babe, at home? Really! I don’t believe u cuz I just saw u in the club! So you’d better have this app in your phone, it can help u build a good relationship with your lover. And then, except students, parents also need this app. Most of them worry about our safety, and want to know where u r. sometimes we r in class or having meeting in library, have no time to reply them, and when we r free, they have slept. So if they got this app in their phones, they can check the locations anytime, and make sure that we r safe. Anyway, for finding your way to the party, or picked up someone at the airport, even a football march, a date; u can find your friends in your app. Very convenient and easy to use. In addition to this, u can download it for free from iTunes, Android, windows, and the application is supported in many languages. U can find your mother language, and it will be more convenient for u to use it. And next, I want to say that it’s very useful, there are two ways to use this tool, what ’s more, it’s really very safe for children. Okay, I will give on to lumi. Thank you.
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