Reflections Paper

Topics: Euclidean geometry, Geometry, Education Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: March 3, 2012
Reflective Paper

Throughout this math course, there were many different strategies that were taught. Many that I, in particular, was very unfamiliar with. As I am planning on teacher early elementary, I am hoping that I do not have to teach too many of these new strategies. Some of them were very difficult and somewhat complex, and some of them were a review from previous classes. During this course, there were several major mathematical concepts that were taught and reviewed. In chapter 9, the topic was probability; the topics that were covered in this chapter were Theorem and Tree Diagrams/Geometry Probabilities. In chapter 10, the main topic was Data Analysis, and the topics that were discussed in this chapter were. Different ways to Displaying data such as line graphs, scatter plots, bar graphs, line graphs, or circle graphs. Then there was information on the Measures of Central Tendency and Variation. The abuse of Statistics is also mentioned in chapter ten. Chapter 11 covered introductory Geometry as the main topic. The minor topics were Basic Notation, Polygons, Angles, and Geometry in Three Dimensions. Chapter 12 reviewed Constructions, Congruence and Similarity as the main topics. The minor topics that were reviewed in this chapter were Congruence through Constructions, other Congruence Properties, such as Angle, Side, Angle Property and Congruence of Quadrilaterals and Other Figures, Constructing a Parallel Line. Similar Triangles and Similar Figures are also mentioned in this chapter, as well as Lines and Linear Equations in a Cartesian coordinate system. Chapter 13 covered Concepts of Measurement. This included Linear Measure, Areas of Polygons and Circles, the Pythagorean Theorem, Distance formula, and Equation of a Circle, Surface Areas, Volume, Mass, and Temperature. Finally, in chapter 14, we learned about motion geometry and tessellations. Translations and rotations, reflections and glide reflections, size transformations,...
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