Reflections on Nutrition

Topics: Nutrition, Eating, Food guide pyramid Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Reflections on Nutrition

Throughout the length of this course I have learned a lot of things that I feel will potentially save my life. The very first assignment we did was the eye opener for me. I have always been a healthy person. I exercise and monitor what I eat regularly. The healthy eating plan paper I wrote made me take a better look at my food intake. The food pyramid was great because it educated me on what the body needs and how much. As I wrote this paper, I realized how much that I thought I knew, I really didn’t. It allowed me to use a reference in understanding how to get the proper nutrients and minerals to promote healthier living. In addition to this assignment opening my eyes, it also helped me make a new plan. I was able to make adjustments in my diet to make sure I was getting the things I need. For example, the food pyramid showed that I was doing great with my vegetable intake, but was starving myself of fruits. What I learned was the fruits are such a great source of vitamins. It’s also a great substitution for that midnight snack. The very first paper I wrote made the biggest change in me. By writing out a healthy eating plan, in essence I was actually teaching myself. It revealed to me the things I needed to change. Even though the changes where not very drastic, it did improve my health. My stamina and energy levels have increased. Overall I feel that this class and this assignment in particular will make the biggest impact on my life.

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