Reflections on Iep

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Reflections on an IEP
MAY 13,2013

Reflections on an IEP

What I know about and implementation of an IEP is limited to that of Cosmetology teacher. As a career educator I have participated in several professional development workshops on IEP’s, including implementing an IEP, and accommodations. The annual IEP must include demographic information, conference information, present level of educational performance, any related services, assessment participation, transition planning, scheduled report to parents/guardians, initiation/duration dates, the signature of all persons attending the conference and annual goals. The annual goals must be measurable, explain what the student will achieve in a year, and address what the student needs to be successful in the inclusion setting. In addition the goals should include short term objectives. At the school I work at in order to serve all students equally all lessons objective are required to be measurable. Implementing the IEP involves reading it and pulling out all relevant information that pertains to the classroom teacher. Knowing the way the student learns best and including multiple alternative assignments is crucial for successful implementation of the IEP. Records and notes should be kept of assessments and achievements to contribute to the IEP reviews . Accommodations such as assigning multiple ways for students to demonstrate their mastery of a subject besides a paper based assessment can be in the form of an oral presentation, poster, rap, song, commercial, or news report depending on the subject. Procedural assignments is a technique I use with all students to insure a complete understanding and help them develop new skills. I often show the completed model and inform them they will learn how to complete the task in small steps. Then I model all steps involved in completing the task. Next I model the part of the task I want them to complete. I then allow...
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