Reflections in Nursing

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  • Published: March 13, 2006
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A Reflection Paper on Various Nursing Roles

NU420 Trends in Nursing

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

A Reflection Paper on Various Nursing Roles
As an individual reaches the stage where they come to a decision about what they want to be in life, they must look deep inside themselves. They have to reflect on what is important to them and what makes them happy. In addition, one must take into consideration the resources that are available to help the person reach their goal. In this paper, I intend to share my reflections on why I chose to become a nurse as well as and why I decided to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. I will compare my initial perceptions on the different roles of the nurse to what I see in current practice and develop specific objectives and plans to achieve goals I have set to achieve after one and five years. Choosing Nursing and a B.S.N.

As a child, I was the one in my family who took interest in caring for members who had scratches or bruises. I thought of myself as the "doctor" of the family. That idea carried throughout my years of elementary and secondary education. Nursing fulfills all of the criteria I am looking for in my personal definition of the perfect job. I chose nursing because it is a helping profession. Personality tests that have identified my as an accommodator support my decision to take on nursing as an occupation. I wanted to work in a field that is challenging and in demand. Nurses are especially valuable in these times because there is such a great nursing shortage around the world. As a nurse, I will be able to supplement my husband's income and help support our family. I will have the knowledge needed to be able to take care of my parents, family, and friends from a nursing perspective. Another major factor that influenced my choice to become a nurse is that after receiving my degree, there is always the opportunity for...
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