Topics: Money, Robert Kiyosaki, Value added Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Professional Development Activity
“Career Reflections”

Provide an analysis as to how the concepts identified in the speaker’s presentation may or may not help you in your current or future career. The analysis should include key points and action plans as to how you can use the information or list key reasons why the information has no value added toward your current or future career choice.

Support your analysis with source citations gained from chapter readings and/or other online resources. Grading Criteria: 200 words minimum written in paragraph form and no grammar errors.

I believe the speaker’s presentation will help me in my current or future career. There’s no foolproof plan to living comfortably. You learn in life to work hard and everything will pay off. That may have worked “back in the early days” but times have changed. My dad once told me that the only way a man will be free is when he starts working for himself. That’s why it’s important to use values from the poor dad side of the quadrant and apply them to rich dad side of the quadrant. Why work hard physically when you can work hard mentally and use unique business skills to reach the same goal with a greater monetary goal. Being rich takes risks, street smarts, and not to mention a little luck. Most importantly, you can’t be scared to fail. What would a person do today, if they knew they couldn’t fail? That’s the mindset a rich dad would take. This is one of the reasons individuals are investing more into foreign commodities. The belief that U.S. is losing its title as a superpower to countries like China has investors trying to expand their portfolios’ in these regions. Due to financial crisis in our country, China has become our number trade partner. Economists even believe that the Yuan could replace the dollar in the next twenty years. This will lead China replacing the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. If we were to put our entrepreneurial minds to work and figure...
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