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  • Published : June 24, 2012
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Reflection is a process whereby you actively recapture, notice and re-evaluate your learning experience. There are no right or wrong answers. It is an exercise that indicates you personal learning experience.

Answer the following questions:

|1 |To what extent do you feel that you have achieved the learning outcomes for the study units in this assignment? | | |I do not know which learning |Did not achieve the |Limited |Moderate |Fully achieved the | | |outcomes were relevant to this |learning outcomes | | |learning outcomes | | |assignment | | | | |

|2 |Please indicate the extent to which the doing of this assignment contributed to your understanding of the course concepts. | | |Did not contribute at all |Limited contribution to |Unsure |Some contribution to |I now understand the | | | |understanding | |understanding |course concepts |

|3 |If you could redo this assignment again, what would you want to do differently? Mark your top 3 choices; you can add your own | | |opinion in the space provided below: | |3.1 |Start with the assignment earlier. | | |3.2 |Contact the lecturer(s) for assistance. | | |3.3 |Form a study group. | | |3.4 |Have more...
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