Reflection - Take Not the Road Less Travelled

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, The Road Pages: 3 (791 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Reflection: Take Not the Road Less Traveled
By Dominic J. Buensalido, RN – MMBM

I can still remember, when I was small, my parents taught me how to put on my clothes and shoes, how to tie shoelaces and how to brush my teeth. They teach us how things should be done and introduce the concept of making right choices. This is normal occurrence in our formative years where we follow and imitate that we learn from our model persons. We learn how to conform to the standards set by people and our society. As we grow older, we discover new things and ideas. The found out that there are other choices and better ways in doing the things that we used to do. There are easier approach of putting on our clothes on and a safer way in crossing the streets. With this simple illustration, we begin to think…which one should be? Which path should I take?

In our society, we are bombarded with standards and norms that we are ought to follow. It’s up to us which one to choose, or rather, create our own choice. It is always a cliché to we should take the road less travelled because it is where success is tasteful. But what about creating new roads instead? The speech of Mikaela Irene Fudolig “Take Not the Road Less Travelled” reminds us to broaden our horizons and explore more possibilities. It’s a little bit scary, but travelling roads that are not yet taken and explored is more exciting.

I will share my life’s journey in the path I chose to tread. When I was young, I never envisioned myself to be a nurse. But life is full of surprises, a lot of twists and turns, detours, ultimately, I became a nurse. Gradually, I learned to love and like my profession. As a young professional, I wanted to have the best and latest clinical skills training. I mostly had my clinical experience in tertiary hospitals in the city as what most nurses were doing. I was then a conformist. I never entertained thoughts of working outside clinical settings.

Things began to change when one of my...
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