Reflection-Social Issues

Topics: Poverty, Malnutrition, Starvation Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Reflection: Social Issues

Philippines nowadays face different social issues that eventually trigger the country’s economy and development. Recently I saw on television and read in newspapers and internet outraged the conscience of mankind about the current situation of our country and it’s very alarming. There are so much issues the Philippines was facing right now but I cited only three (3) that for me were continuously growing and haven’t yet the solution (long term).


Poverty is I think the most common problem every Filipino people encountered and struggling nowadays. I used to call my situation then as “poor” as if poverty really stricken in our family because my parents could not afford to buy me new pair of shoes or new dress compared to my classmates in which every week they’ve got new stuffs. I felt envious and having self-pity in silence. That’s my definition of poverty then, the inadequacy and lack of something and couldn’t have something that others have. Yet things change when I was once witness a real life scenario which I thought it only happened to movies. It was summer break and I spent my vacation at my Aunt’s place. On the way to my aunt’s house, I saw a rubbish dump where thousands of families lived and worked on massive piles of those trash. I was astonished to the scenario I’m seeing. Their houses are just a little shanty homes made of poor materials that would surely collapse when a typhoon arrived. Children there worked and played in those filthy surroundings. They looked so thin and malnourished. This desperation I saw during a month of vacation there was just a tip of the ice berg compared to the other communities and places that were terribly experiencing the same situation or even worse than this. It was quite heartbreaking and made me realize how fortunate am to have the things I have now unlike them who have nothing. I felt embarrass because I’m always complaining why my parents could not give this and that yet in...
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