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RESEARCHREFLECTION REPORT(should contain the details given below)| Please type your responses in the spaces below:| Marks available| Research Methods & ProcessesHow and why have you chosen/decided on the research methods and processes which you are using/have used for the development of your Major Project?How would you describe these to:1) a reader of your Major Project and/or2) a future employer(max. 550 words)| The selection of the topic is based upon the interestOf conducting the research on an organization's future sustainability and feasibility along with the competitive advantage and strategies to proceed in the market against other competitors. For the purpose of that Apple Inc. has been selected because of their market position and competitiveness over others. Their selection is being made due to their market share and innovative products. They are successful in developing their strategies through innovative and technological advanced products. Research work is different way of analyzing or collecting the data which is different from makingAny report on any topic. So, for the sake of thisI considered all the aspect about the research and selected this topic and organization. Selecting of Apple was an attempt to collect the information about the organization due to its market existence over the world. The method that has been selected was qualitative research method which allows the researcher to collect the data in large amount and use it according to the requirement of the study and develop the relevancy of data with the topic. Qualitative research method is meant to focus on the quality of data rather than the quantity; it ensures the research credibility and reliability of the data and helps the author to present it in a descriptive way to develop the analysis section. This method allow the author to collect the secondary data which is related to the selected topic which include the articles, journals, books, internet sources and others sources as well. This research report is being develop inConsideration with the market external factors because these factors creates hurdles in the progress of the organization if they are capable of ensuring it well ahead of time. These factors are considered as the alarming factors for the organizational progress.| 15|

| The reader will be get benefited from this reportBecause it follows a set pattern which will never make the reader lost in understanding the discussion and scenarios that has been discussed in detail. The theories that are being used in this report can be used as the future references and findings can alsoBe used in conducting the future researches related to this topic particularly with the selected organization. Reader will be able to understand the selected organization threats, weaknesses, opportunity, threats and other external factors along with the market forces that hinder the organizational progress. The future employers can take the recommendation to modified their strategies with this help because in the digital industry every organization can be benefited with therecommendations because it is the general suggestion has been made for the organizations particularly for Apple Inc. Employers can also be benefited by the analysis because it includes all the market forces, external factors and other features that can be beneficial for them.| | Literature & sources1) What are the most important theories/literature sources/evidence sources which you are using to justify your research and your Major Project?2) Why are these sources important and fundamental to your work?(max. 550 words)| I have studied thoroughly by visiting library,internet sources, journals, articles and other material to get the idea about the prior research work withThe relative topic of the study. The main sources from which author was able to collect the data are follows...
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