Reflection Report

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P Reflection Report
Date of meeting: 26 November 2010
Attendees: All students in group.
Absentees: No one was absent.
Roles and responsibility:
Phuong & Phuong Linh - ML group reflection
Khanh & Mi Linh - SD group reflection
Minh & Ha Linh - P group reflection
Tran Hoan – Report writing

Members from each group were divided and mixed with other groups to do the peer assessment.

At the beginning of the meeting, students were explained and given time to do the peer assessment. After that, the ML group introduced the topic of the meeting and organized a small icebreaker . They then distributed the discussion questions for other groups in order to help them to review the previous lesson. In the second part of the meeting, the SD group provided the syndicates with the theory of the meeting’s topic, “Emotional Intelligence”. In the third part, the P group came on with some activities to illustrate the topic. At the end of the meeting, R took over to give feedbacks to other groups on what they had done.

The ML group-7up generally did a good job. They gave the syndicates a clear instruction of the meeting. Another thing they did well is the icebreaker. It was just a short and simple game but warm enough to get everybody enjoy the meeting. Besides the positive points, there was also something they did not do well. They did not manage the time well (5 minutes exceeded the limitation). The ML group also had a small mistake in the agenda. They gave the AQUA group 25 minutes to do their task instead of 20 minutes as formal.

The SD group-2012 also did well with their presentation about topic’s theory. Every point provided was clear and illustrated by familiar examples. The second good point is that their discussion was very funny and creative. They use some videos clips, a new way, to...
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