Reflection Paper: Self Motivation

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Reflection Paper 2

Due November 14, 2012

What have you learned about management in this course that seems to work for you or for organizations in which you will work? The goal is to focus on the positive- what WORKS?

Part 1- Concrete Experience. The assessment that I took was “What’s my Job’s Motivating Potential?” I took this assessment to analyze my current job as a sales associate at Old Navy. My motivating potential score (MPS) turned out to be a 125, which is relatively average (the average being 128.) I am kind of shocked with this score because I love my job and I always look forward to going into work, so I figured the score would be higher. Part 2- Reflective Observation. In this experience, I observed that I am highly satisfied with my job, compared to what my assessment is saying. My observation came out average because the importance and impact of my job and was relatively low. Also, everything else expect “to what extent does your job involve doing a ‘whole’ and identifiable piece of work” came out at an average score of 5. Stepping back and thinking about it, this job is not designed for me to do multiple tasks and have my say in a lot of stuff. It’s a standard sales associate job that involves me helping customers and working the register.Overall, I’ve learned that my job could use some skill variety and task significance added to it. Part 3- Abstract Conceptualization. To help strenghten my score of 5 in the variety part of my job, job enlargement could be applied. Job enlargement is the horizontal expansion of a job by increasing job scope- the number of dirrent tasks required in a job and the frequency with which these tasks are repeated. Old Navy could achieve this by having me be a cash handler, help with shipment, doing price marketing, and help with moving the displays around each week. When I have more work to do, I tend to be more motivated because I know I have to get it done in a timely...
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