Reflection Paper: Organic Foods

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  • Published : March 2, 2012
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Reflection Paper: Organic Foods

Reflection Paper: Organic Foods
Both organic and inorganic foods pose health risks for consumers. While organic foods are often marketed as being naturally grown and inorganic foods being grown with the use of chemicals and pesticides, both types can pose health risks to the humans that consume them.

Due to the varying conditions in which organic foods are grown, they can often contain amounts of chemicals and pesticides. For example, many organic farms neighbor inorganic farms where chemicals and pesticides can be easily transferred by insects and wind, causing chemical contamination to the organic foods being grown. In Nancy Sprague’s counterpoint article she makes a valid point in saying that “the residue of chemicals nitrates and antibiotics cannot be avoided in the natural environment today, as a broad contamination of the earth’s natural resources is a burgeoning threat that even organic production cannot offset.” Some organic foods are often fertilized with a natural fertilizer: animal manure. Feces from any mammal contain various bacteria that can inflict disease, and may also be transferred to the organic foods grown in it. Sprague also points out that although organic food is being marketed as a healthier alternative, the term “organic” simply means that a farmer has met a set of standards to be labeled as an organic farmer and does not ensure the safety of the foods. Although organic foods may seem a better alternative than inorganic foods, they both have evidence proving contamination. On the other hand, inorganic farming is openly known to use chemicals and pesticides in order to preserve, stop insect and environmental damage, and to more rapidly produce crops. The questions then become how much contamination do the foods from each group contain, what types of contamination are present, and how do the amounts and type of contaminations effect the food content and in turn, human health?

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