Reflection Paper on the African Origins of Humanity, Judaism and Christianity

Topics: Judaism, Israel, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Reflection paper on
The African Origins of Humanity, Judaism and Christianity

I will begin to note and look at the creations, African Origins of Humanity, Judaism and Christianity so we can see that they all came from the mother land Africa. The first civization started in Garden of Eden which is located in Africa which also inclues the Middle East.The bible says that in Gen. 2:10-12 that a river went out of eden to water the garden. The land of Havilah is northeast of Arabia, Havilah was one of sons of Crush. Cush means Ethopia. Havilah is the first land land mentioned in scripture.Gen 2:12{excluding Eden}and Ethopia is the second land, Gen 2:13, 1st Sameuel 15:7 Places Havilah near Egypt. (b) {People of Color in the Bible-pg 8-William G. Emanuel}

I would love to here the language of the Hebrew people who where found to be in between modern day Iran and Ethiopia. Which some of this region is called the Middle East today? A term that came from the British. It’s hard to understand why some folk would like to change the boundary and the history of our great continent Africa. Many people think that the Europeans brought Christianity to Africa but this is not true. Even when you look at the Ethiopian eunuch, where is he from Ethiopia? He went back to Ethiopia. The Cyrenaica on the day of Pentecost went back to Libya found in book of Acts 2 on day of Pentecost. (A) {People of color in the bible: volume 1- William Gilbert Emanuel-pg 112} that’s proof enough for me to see that the Pope John Paul did not start Christianity in to Africa.

Egypt is located in Africa. When one look in the bible and read the story of how Moses was born and how he had to go to Pharaoh to speak to him. It all took place in Africa. Amen. The Nile River is located in Africa. The red sea is located in Africa. . The Euphrates and the Tigris rivers are located in Africa. The Hebrew land mass reached from India to Egypt. The concepts of the Greek language came from Hebrew and...
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