Reflection Paper on School Counselor's Skills

Topics: High school, College, Vocational school Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: December 2, 2010
School Counselors’ Perception of Required Workplace Skills and Career Development Competencies John Barker Ph. D, Jamie Satcher, Ph.D

The journal is about a research made to examine US counselors’ perception about the workplace skills and career development for the high school students who are going either work-bound or college bound. Researchers used a questionnaire with a participant of 152 high school counselors nationwide. It was defined from the study that work-bound students are those who are going to work right after high school while college-bound students are those who will pursue a degree after their secondary schooling. Workplace skills and career development competencies were essential for the high school students because according to their department of education, the students need to have a clear understanding of their future occupations.

Results of the research indicated that high school counselors view work- and college-bound students as more similar than different in their need for developing required workplace skills and competencies. Moreover, the acquisition of said skills and competencies were recognized to be vital for both group of students. There is only a discrepancy when it comes to acquiring skills for according to the results, counselors believed that the work-bound students need to have more idea when it comes to skills so it will be easy for them to look for some jobs. The study emphasized on the great need of acquisition for high school students when it comes to work skills and career competencies as a part of their secondary school experience.

Westerners have always been competitive when it comes to pursuing a career. The study was done in December 2000 and it is great to find out that they are already studying about the needs of career development for their high school students. On the other hand here in the country, counselors were just starting off making career programs, not to mention that most schools in the...
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