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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Giving Voice to Values

Final Reflection Paper

Farouk Antoh-Gurah Instructor: Dr. Mary Grace Neville

The Final Reflection Paper on Giving Voice Values “Ethical Action” This seminar of giving voice to values, one can say that, ethics is the evaluation of human actions. Which deals with human moral problems and moral judgments? In doing so, we assign judgments to behavior as “right” or “wrong” and “good” or “bad” according to the perspective of a moral principle or ethical guideline. Some of the moral principles are faithfulness, issues of fidelity, loyalty, truthfulness, respect, fairness, and equitability and promises keeping toward those with whom we work converge to form the delicate balance of standards required in fiduciary relationships. From this giving voice to value seminar, I have learnt some basics of ethics that I had no idea of, like according of dignity to who is due, treat others with caring and compassion, and pursue excellence. Being accountable, being courageous to point out what is wrong, and giving the possible solution to the problem. I have personal experiences pertaining to ethics, which if I knew of the power in giving voice to value, it would have gone a long way to change the menace others and I experienced. There was a time in my former School; it came to the notice of the school authorities that some students have been defecating in the senior block. Unfortunately, on one Thursday after School I caught one of the students defecating in one of the classrooms. At that particular moment, I made her clear it off and again ordered her to write report on her behavior, she did what I communicated to her and reported that she is sorry for her action, and it would not happen again.

Since then, cases on that came once a while. I can now say from lessons of giving voice to values that I could have done more on the extent of...
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