Reflection Paper on Alcohol

Topics: Thought, Rooms, Mind Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The implications of consuming alcohol in the residence halls are quite strong.

Considering the fact that drinking affect rational thought, and causes people to act stupid, it can

annoy and distract other residents from studying or sleeping when they really need to. It also

makes us spend less time focusing on our school work ourselves. In order to ensure that the TJ

community is conducive to education, I plan on not partying any more in the dorm rooms and to

also keep a watch on how loud we are being otherwise. If some friends are about to do the same

things we were involved in, I will try to warn them of the consequences they could face for it.

My involvement in this situation has taught me to take resident hall policy seriously, and to not

try and break the rules to have a good time. I will also make sure that I completely understand

all the rules before I move in next year. As I stated above, I plan on not partying anymore in

the dorm rooms and to obey the rules completely in order to prevent this sort of thing from

happening again. I have had a rude awakening that taught me to think about what might happen

instead of the “just go for it” attitude that I had previously. Some additional thoughts I have are

that I would like to apologize for being a little rude in the interview, and I’m sorry that all of this

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