Reflection Paper: Language

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  • Published : July 10, 2012
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Reflection 4
I thought that the abundance of different languages throughout the world was very interesting. Even more interesting was how many languages are spoken in the United States alone, and how for some reason we in the United States are catering to non-English speakers. I understand that languages evolved and became specific to each geographically isolated group of people, but with the advent of the internet and business operating at a global scale, I think it is time for a global language.

A global language does not mean that people will not speak their native tongues, but must also know English, because we all know that America still runs the business world. Now I know that China has been touted as the next big thing, but they still have a long ways to go to catch America and they have already adopted our business practices, so it just makes sense for them to also adopt our language when doing business. As a start I suggest that America do away with the multi-language prompts when calling businesses and definitely do away with things like giving driving tests in multiple languages. The street signs are in English so it makes sense to require the people driving here to be able to read it.

Now, I am not saying everywhere in the world should speak English and English only. This applies to anyone who goes to another country to work, they should know the native tongue. It just happens that many more people tend to come here on a permanent basis, whereas many Americans will travel abroad for a few years and come back. It gets very annoying when talking to someone who cannot speak English even when they have been in this country for ten years! So I say get rid of all the hand-holding and make the decision for foreigners to enter the country include the realization that they will absolutely HAVE to learn English. If they do not it will be to their own detriment and in true Darwinian fashion forced to adapt or perish. This may sound harsh but...
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