Reflection Paper for Theology

Topics: God, Christianity, Bible Pages: 5 (2101 words) Published: September 23, 2011
Have you ever wondered what type of life you should live as a Christian and what all you should do? Is this the right thing to do? Is this a common question that you ask? Do you have personal experiences that our wonderful Lord has been so wonderful in your life? Sharing them with others is a way that is I believe is one way that you can worship him. And something that I believe that my church as a whole can do better in general I know it’s hard to come out and say because you don’t like finding faults and saying them. But honestly when you come out and say them and tell them and things change for the better especially in your church and you are working for the Lord you can see changes every day.

I think that it does matter how a Christian lives their life. They need to be walking in the eyes and steps of the Lord our God. There are a lot of different views on this today and what the Bible says. For one each and every Christian needs to know and realize that “all have sinned”. Rom 3:23 (Fee and Stuart p. 55) for this you need to know that you do, do things that make you sin. However we as Christians need to become aware of these things and work on them. The Bible tells us “to walk with the spirit” Gal 5:16. In this matter we need to walk with God and his ways. As it is now the 21 century things are somewhat different and take on different meanings to us. As the concept that men should not have long hair as this is not being Christian. The Bible tells us “Does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears it’s disgracing him” 1 Cor. 11:14. However now days you will go into a church and see that men do not always keep their hair short. Many will argue that Jesus himself had long hair, Why is it a sin and not Christian? Women were known to have their heads covered and to have long hair. In this generation it is not a sin to have short hair or not to worship without your head covered. There are a number of things that we as Christians need to look to the Lord for help and go with his guidance. Some people today “worship “material things. When in all the only thing that we as Christians need to worship is the great “I AM”. We as Christians need to dress appropriately. In this since. How short a woman is’s skirt or shorts? Revealing your body in a way that is nonchirstian like is hurting the Lord in my eyes. What are some of the saying that is on some of your clothing? These should not in anyways be showing satin glory. Body piercing in today’s time is a really touchy subject with some. Our Lord didn’t have any piercings in his body. The only holes he had in his body were when he was placed on the Cross. Why as Christians should we do harm to our body when Jesus made us whole. This also comes to the point of tattoos. You can go to church and see those that have tattoos. And you will have some in your church or other Christians that will say. You are sinning and putting a “bad image” for some Christians. Just as before Jesus made your body perfect for you and who you are. This is why you are who you are. On the subject of entertainment and recreation. There are something’s that you can do that in all Christians eyes are complete sins. For a husband or a wife to go to a “strip bar” that is not honoring your spouse. When you took a vow to your spouse and in front of God you vowed to honor them. This is a way of showing disrespect to them and a disrespect to the opposite sex. Dancing and parting this is something that if done in the right setting and in the right ways is not bad at all. However when you take things to extreme what kind of image are you putting off for yourself. Is this how you want others to see you and what you are. As a Christian you want others to see you as someone who loves the Lord. That is walking in his ways. This dancing and parting is not showing that image. To also go with parting there are those and some churches that say drinking is completely off limits. However when reading the Bible you...
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