Reflection Paper by Samantha C. Jones

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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Fall 2011 Semester Reflection Paper

All throughout my life, I have been lectured on the hardships and struggles college would bring. College was a drastic change in my life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing tons of work, and meeting new people seemed to be obstacles I would never be able to overcome. I very quickly discovered that these hardships described were no exaggeration, yet they can easily be overcome. Quizzes, reading assignments, and homework were thrown to me in an overwhelming amount my first week here, and I could feel my stress level increasing each day. During the past month, I have drastically learned the correct ways to manage all of my assignments. This has not only proven to help my academic career, I’ve learned the feelings of accomplishments and ways to improve myself. I now am able to juggle time eating with my friend, study time for tests, and early starts to large assignments. Since attending college, I feel better able to handle new things coming into my life. New places and new people were factors that intimidated me greatly. How will I make new friends? Will people like me? I have made many new friends through my classes and everyday activities in college. I believe Welcome Week was one of the most beneficial events this college has to offer to freshman. I was able to make good friends who share the inexperience of college life as I do. Discovering fellow classmates interested in forming study sessions was a delightful experience. I have gone from struggling in my class to flourishing due to amazing new friends with different skills sets than I have. Not only am I gaining help, I am providing help to others to make a difference to someone. The freshman fifteen has weighed on my mind months before attending college. When I first walked into the cafe where I would be spending the whole year eating, I was amazed. Different types of food offered every day and as much as I could eat was probably the most thrilling experience of...
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