Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper
Cover on Chapter 1 2 and 3
In year three, I have known some foundation related to technical writing through business communication subject. As technical writing grows into a more common discipline, complicated questions concerning ethical standards seem to present themselves more frequently. Much of what is written by a technical writer will need to appeal to individuals of varying situational backgrounds, and in this day of intense political correctness and moral responsibility, it is important to remember the ethical and other cultural issues associated with writing for diverse groups of people. Studying technical writing is very difficult but useful in business communication. Through my experience of studying three chapter of technical writing, I think in this skill, it has some pros and cons.

In chapter one, I have gotten a lot of knowledge about an introduction to technical writing. Through this chapter I can see my understanding and my conceptualization. First of all, technical writing costs time and money. For example, it has been found that on an average, students or employees spend 20% of their time to write memos, letters, or reports to find a good job, request for money or do some reports to their boss. Sometime technical writing can save a lot of time if you write a clear directive use technical words, so you don’t need to write it again and again. Moreover, technical writing involves attractive layout for easy reading and comprehension. For instant, the three 3 C’s of good technical writing are clear, concise and complete. It means that technical writing have to be clear understandable, short or with no unnecessary words, and complete meaning.

About the principle of technical communication focus on chapter two have 6 important principles: use good grammar, write concisely, use the active voice, use positive statements, avoid long sentences and use standard punctuation. However, using good grammar and standard punctuation are...
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