Reflection paper

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Reflection paper

By | November 2010
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Reflection Paper Assignment Outline (Total Marks-15) Marketing Channel (MKT 450) Section: 1 Faculty: Abdullah Al Faruq (AFq) Spring 2010 North South University

What is a reflection paper?
Reflection paper assignments are designed to reinforce what has been learned through lectures, discussions, and activities presented in class and in the readings. Most reflection papers are two-three pages in length. In addition, they are often about personal reactions and thoughts; they should not be done in collaboration with other students unless directed to do so by the instructor. Therefore, a reflection paper is a sort of essay that must summarize the materials studied in the class and that comes in a written form as your response/thoughts about what you’ve learned.

How do I write an effective reflection paper?
Remember that the rules of writing apply to papers about your thoughts and feelings. Although you are writing about a personal experience/learning, this does not allow you to use a free-form of writing. Here are five steps to follow:

Five Steps for Writing Effective Reflection Papers 1. Focus your feelings Before writing a reflection paper, the writer needs to stop and decide what it is that he or she going to write about. By establishing a theme, the writer will be able to

write in a clear and concise manner.

2. Be organized
Being organized will also allow the writer to write in a clear, concise, and cogent manner. Make a point--State what you have established as your theme and the pertinent information that surrounds the theme. •

Divide your paper into paragraphs--Give each major point its own space so that the reader will be able to understand and conceptualize the different components of your theme.

Use topic sentences in paragraphs--These sentences should correspond with your major points and draw the attention of the reader.

*A reflection paper is not a random free-flow of ideas. It needs to grab the interest of the reader...