Reflection Paper

Topics: Medicine, Physician, Illness Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Mayfair Afiah Aboagyewah
Prof: Daniel Hedden
Kaplan University
Bioethics 280 -02
Reflection Paper 10 /8/2010

Much debate has been put forth in public and private about the importance of confidentiality in the health care systems and how to protect and prevent it from landing in the wrong hands. Many patients and clients does not feel like their medical health and conditions are been kept safe in their health providers care. So many security bleach has happen in numerous hospital across the country that has put patients, workers and families at risk due to lack of security in the system. Even with computer electronics in most hospital patient medical information are still being handled wrongly. About 2 -3 years ago , in Cedar Mount Sinai Hospital in California Celebrities like George Clooney, Halley Barry, Elizabeth Taylor, Far rah Fawcett and other big move stars private medical information was sold to Tabloid by a hospital staff. For the whole entire nation to see what is going on with this people. Another incident happened during former President William Jefferson Clinton’s heart surgery in New York Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Hospital staffs who were not providing care to the president were accessing his medical records through the computer while on company’s time. Many people were wandering about their medical information at their doctor’s offices and in the hospital. There was a huge public debate about patient confidentiality policy in the health care system. People were worried about the president incidence and taught if the president of United States medical information is bleach while in the hospital like that, What about regular forks who are not rich and powerful like him. I know this confidentiality issue is a big problem in the health care system even after the rules and regulation imposed by HIPPA. Patient confidentiality is still been bleach in one way or other regardless who is involve in...
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