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Shayne Jones
September 24, 2012
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A New Face for Schools
Everyday students around the world are faced with choices, and each choice will have a negative or positive consequence. As stated in the passage several schools have strict rules against being on social sites while in school. With my high school being one of those schools, teachers and administrators think social sites are a bad thing but they fail to look at the positive aspects of social networking. For example Facebook helps you create study groups and online tutoring. Students who need extra help in school and is afraid to ask for extra help can go to Facebook and download a simple application and get the extra help they need in Math, English etc. In my opinion strict rules against using social sites while in school should be eliminated. Although all students don’t use Facebook to study but having strict rules against the use of social sites eliminates the last minute studying before test and it takes away peer-to-peer communication. For example when I was in high school me and my friends mostly communicated through texting, Facebook or Twitter. When it was time to leave school campus for lunch, we would just write on Facebook the dining location for the day, and everyone would just meet there. Not only is social networking used for studying it is also used for counseling or to express your feelings or concerns about a matter. Although everything has it cons and its pros but social networking is a great invention for the 21st century. It keeps you involved and up to date with all the parties and social events. It even keeps you involved with what’s going on at your nearest university. After all students love it and so does some older community members. To summarize this reflective social networking is the new big thing for the 21st century is it used for communication, studying, buying, selling and most importantly education. Therefore schools should rethink their decision about...
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