Reflection Paper

Topics: Maria von Trapp, The Sound of Music, Georg Ludwig von Trapp Pages: 6 (1842 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Reflection Paper

A Reflection On The Movie “The Sound Of Music” Directed By Robert Wise

By: Wan Anisabanum Salleh

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Universal Relevance of the Movie

The movie was chosen as the subject of reflection because the writer feels that the movie offers plenty of opportunity for reflection on the human character. The writer feels that there is a lot that lecturers can learn from the movie and use it to become better and more effective lecturers. Indeed, the life of Maria, the governess in the home of the von Trapp family offers many opportunities to aspiring lecturers to reflect on their chosen career.

The other reason for the choice of this movie is that it leads to better character building. The movie exposes the conflicts in the human character. It makes us reflect on the conflict within ourselves as well. Just like Maria many an aspiring lecturer would have wondered whether they have chosen the right profession and whether they have a real calling for the profession. Many possible conflicts go on within us when we are going to take a step that would shape and colour our whole life. It may be about choosing a profession or choosing a spouse or making any other decision that would have a lifelong impact on us. Maria would have experienced major conflicts of her own when she chose to join a convent and be trained as a nun.

In addition to the above this paper would also investigate the issue of love. Maria managed to reform the children of the household through love and compassion. This writer feels that the sentiments of love is very relevant to lecturers and teachers who deal with students.

This movie is also suitable as it nurtures synthesis of thought. Towards this end, this movie is ideal as it is not explicit in espousing the human conflicts and its failings. A lot of inferential thought and critical thinking is needed to interpret the story of the movie and a proper understanding is needed before one is able to be in tune with the implicit moral teachings inherent in the movie which we can then apply in our daily lives.

1.2 Background Of The Movie

The movie actually started as a Broadway stage production in 1959 and was developed into an award winning musical film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The movie can best be described as a timeless, immortal classic. Since its inception in 1965 till today, it continues to enthrall children and adults all over the world. It’s a movie that transcends boundaries, cultures an ages’. Apart from its entertainment value, it also contains a wealth of wisdom and time-honoured values of humanity.

The setting of the movie is in Salzburg, Austria. The movie was based on a 1956 West German movie titled “The Trapp Family”. Apparently, the German movie was based on a real life family, however details of the history of the von Trapp family were altered for the musical.

2.0 Synopsis

The central character and protagonist of the story is none other than Maria. Maria’s life ambition is to join the convent and be trained as a nun. However, Maria was a carefree happy-go-lucky person. She loved life, music and songs. She also appears to be in love with nature and is often on the prowl, appreciating the breathtaking splendour of nature and singing the songs of her heart.

The mothers or superiors at the convent did not approve of Maria’s behaviour. They felt that Maria lacked the serious temperament and solemnity needed for being a nun. For long, the mother superiors tolerated Maria’s behaviour with a lot of misgivings. Eventually, one day Maria was hauled up before the mother superior. The mother superior suggested that perhaps Maria was not ready to be a nun or being a nun was not Maria’s true calling. She wanted Maria to leave the convent and take up a job as a governess in the von Trapp household. Captain von Trapp is a widowed naval officer with seven children. The mother superior advised Maria to work outside the...
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