Reflection Paper

Topics: Awareness, Self-awareness, Learning Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Reflection Paper

Throughout the semester I discovered, learned, and applied different set of skills and advice to my communication skills. I learned my strong points and low points in my skills, which let me know where I could improve in these areas also. During the semester I learned many things about myself that I didn’t know had specific meaning in terms of communication. For example I realized that I am an extrovert when it comes to my personality type. I never realized until I learned the term in class and started paying attention to it when I was around my friends. I noticed that when I’m in a big group partaking in any sort of activity such as playing basketball, going out to eat ,or simply just hanging out, I feed off my friends energy. Giving me an energy surplus when I am around my friends socially interacting. I believe my best skills as a communicator is my ability to show or feel empathy for people when they are going through and emotional situation. I can relate to them solely based on what they are going through and not being prejudice to that person based on how they look. By having these skills it lets me be a good communicator and helps me communicate much more easily with people I don’t know. Allowing myself to feel for them gives me an open mind and makes it much easier to communicate with other people. A skill I would like to work on is improving my self-awareness, in terms of having less self-awareness of myself. I believe I do a pretty good job of trying to be less self aware because I believe that the more self aware you are of yourself whether it being subjective, objective, or symbolic self awareness the harder it is for you to communicate with other people simply because you are too busy worrying about yourself and how you identify yourself that it limits the amount and the way you communicate with others. I believe the less self aware I become of myself the easier it would be to communicate with anyone and it would allow...
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